Food Science and Nutrition

Brief Histry of Department:

The department of Food Science and Nutrition came into existence in 1974, with the establishment of College of Rural Home Science, (currently named College of Community Science), under the administrative control of erstwhile UAS, Bangalore, but later under University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad from 1986. The M.Sc. programme was initiated in the year 1977, when the first batch of B.H.Sc passed out. The P.hD. programme was initiated in the year 1984.

There has been a rapid growth and development in teaching, research and extension in the department. The main objectives of the department are to produce quality and specialized human resources in the areas of food quality testing, food processing, value addition, product development and clinical aspects of food. The department also undertakes research studies on various issues related to community health problems, to assess nutritional status of the community andto educate public on nutrition related diseases and disorders. The PG students of the departmet are trained to inculcate food based entrepreneurship abilities and capacity building to develop into dieticians, nutritionist and self entrepreneurs. Awareness is creating regarding rules and regulations of Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI), hygienic food production through Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for employability in both Government and non- Government sectors.

Growth of the Department

Since 1974, the department has grown in terms of academics, research and extension, catering to the needs of people in North Karnataka. The infrastructure, in terms of teaching staff, supporting staff, laboratory equipments, space, building and transport etc. is quite adequate.

The major objective of the department was to produce efficient human resource, competent to tackle the problems related to Food Science and Nutrition in Northern part of Karnataka. The teaching programme of department includes instructions at Undergraduate level for the students of College of Community Science and College of Agriculture. Major areas of research include screening of varieties/ hybrids/ genotypes/ lines of agricultural/horticultural commodities for nutritional, cooking and storage quality; value addition to agriculture / horticulture crops; assessing the nutritional status of community to target tackling of public health problems; management of non-communicable disorders etc.

Academic programmes at a glance

            The institute offers Post Graduate programmes, viz., Masters and Doctoral degree programmes in Food and Nutrition Being part of Community Science, the Department is actively involved in creating awareness of nutrition related disorders and educating the community on nutrition and healthy foods towards creating healthier society. The students of the Department have brought laurels to the college by bagging National awards, Jawaharlal Nehru awards for outstanding PG research, appreciation and beat presentation certificates during National/International conferences, while the staff of Department have handled International/ National projects funded by IDRC, ICAR, DST, MOFPI, ICMR and GoK. This has been translated in to number of awards bagged by staff members. The research work in the department is conducted separately under the supervision of major advisor of the constituted respective advisory committee including faculty of the department and related disciplines.

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