Food Processing Technology

Brief History of Department :

The Department of Food Processing Technology established in the year 2012 is a specialized department which focuses on teaching, research and outreach activities on study and application of various techniques and technologies in the processing and preservation of foods. The department is offering 13 courses of 38 (24 +14) credits, covering various aspect of processing technology of food grains, fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, fisheries and marine products, spice and flavouring, beverages, milk and milk products, bakery, confectionary and snack foods. The curriculum also includes product development, sensory evaluation and food Packaging. Apart from teaching in well equipped classrooms, students are trained to be entrepreneurs or professionals to meet the food industry demands by practical learning. Under experiential learning modules of 8(0+8) credits each are allotted to grain processing technology, fruit and vegetable processing, bakery and extrusion technology and beverage technology.

Well established state of the art pilot processing units viz. Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit consisting of pulp based products line, canning line, beverage line, dehydration line, Bakery & Cereal Processing Unit and Millet Processing Plant are used by students, incubators and other stake holders. Innovations by students are encouraged by including three credits for research. The highly qualified faculty of the department carry innovative research funded by federal organizations etc. and commercialize the technologies developed. They also help in finding solutions to the challenges faced by food processing industries and train farmers, farm women, entrepreneurs, start-ups, youth on processing and value addition to various foods. Thus the department plays a crucial role in promoting efficiency and sustainability in food industry.  

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