Extension and Communication Management

Brief Histry of Department:

The department of Home Science Extension is in existence during the year 1986 at College of Rural Home Science, Dharwad. The department imparts to students the knowledge and skills for effective transfer of knowledge and technologies. Be it the tradition methods or the ICT enabled modern methods, the department has paved its way to a fruitful existence in catering to the needs of the community of North Karnataka in general and the rural women in particular.

There has been a rapid growth and development in teaching, research and extension in the department. Realising the need to produce graduates specialized in the skills for Transfer of Technologies (TOT), the post graduate programme in the department was introduced in the year 1997. The department caters to the needs of various stake holders including farmers, farm women and children. In view of the importance of communication and management the department was renamed in 2005 as Department of Extension and Communication Management.With the ICT evolution there was a need to conduct in-depth research in the field of Extension and Communication. There also was a demand from students and academicians to offer Ph.D in ECM. Therefore Ph.D programme was started in 2014-15. 

The present post graduate programme equips students to face the emerging challanges in effective community and TOT methodology in specialized fields with strong basic and essential knowledge. The opportunities and exposure to hands-on training and field experiences, build up the self confidence and expertise to work at the field level and take up jobs in the service of the community. The Ph. D programme has created a scientific bent of mind among students.

Growth of the Department

Since 1974, the department has grown in terms of academics, research and extension, catering to the needs of people in North Karnataka region. The infrastructure, in terms of number and quality of teaching staff, supporting staff, laboratory equipments, space, building and transport etc. is quite adequate.

Extension and Communication Management Department is a significant, comprehensive and unique discipline encompassing social sciences, management, journalism, and agriculture/ Home Science communication subjects. This discipline prepares individuals for a career in community service and rural development. The flexibility and versatile nature of the curriculum gives opportunities to students to enter into the diversified job market and to rise to the occasion in the competitive world. The students are also trained to take up management jobs as well.

Academic programmes at a glance                 

            The institute offers PG programmes viz., Masters and Doctoral degree programmes in Extension and Communication Management.

            The post graduate students of the department are trained in the field of communication for development, managerial skills in extension and gender sensitization. The post graduate course work of the department is categorised into compulsory courses which must be completed by all the students of the department admitted in the MSc/Ph.D degree programme. Additional required courses relevant to the field of the specialisation within the department and supporting courses from other departments may be opted by the student depending upon the research problem. The major courses mainly emphasise on transfer of technologies to the community. The research studies focus on the extent of adoption and transfer of technologies, gender participation and role of women in agriculture people’s participation in developmental programmes, attitude and knowledge of target group of various programmes, evaluation of development programmes and such other. The research work is conducted separately under the supervision of major advisor of the constituted respective advisory committee including faculty of the department and related disciplines.

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